Friday 25 March 1921 - TUDELEY BENEFIT CONCERT

A capital concert under the auspices of the Ancient Order of Foresters and friends was given at the Goldsmid Hall, Tudeley, Wednesday week, for the benefit of Bro. W. Delves, who has been ill for 14 years.

An orchestra, under the able conductorship of Mr. W. Jenner, rendered 'Sons of the Brave', 'Poet and Peasant', 'lolanthe' and 'The Great little Army'. Messrs. Page and Humphrey gave an excellent cornet duet 'Two Jolly Boys'.

The vocal part of the concert was opened by Mr. W. Lee. who sang 'Niaane' followed by Miss J. Nice, who received a well-deserved encore for her song 'Smith, Robinson and Brown'. She then gave that popular number 'Bubbles'. A humorous item 'Our Village', by Messrs. Froud and Dyball, caused roars of laughter and was encored. Mr. H. Chandler contributed 'A Devonshire Wedding', his fine bass voice being heard to advantage.

The second part of the programme opened with a humorous play in one act, all the characters being sustained by Tudeley residents. Mr. S. W. Waterman acted well as Ernest Barrington (a young lawyer), and the part of Billings (his servant) was in the capable hands of Mr. G. Hodgkin. Tobias Puddicombe (from the country), played by Mr. Jack Young, raised many laughs, especially when badly hen-pecked by his wife (Mrs. Puddicombe), especially well portrayed by Mrs. Jack Young.

Ethel (their daughter) was a part that was safe in the hands of Miss Jones. As Monsieur Petitpoir (a Frenchman), Mr. G. Green gave a really clever impersonation of a flustered French husband. Mrs. E. Moore was dainty as Madame Ernestine (his wife).

The play was followed by a song,' I'm not going to play Second Fiddle' by Miss J. Nice. A vocal duet 'Watchman', by Messrs. Lee and H. Chandler, was loudly encored. Mr. Froud gave 'Don't diddle daddle on the way', the audience taking up the chorus.

Mr. T. D. Harris (honorary member of the Court) thanked all the artistes for their services and congratulated the Committee on obtaining such excellent talent. Mr. C. Earl decorated the platform with flowering plants from Somerhill, and Miss Mathers and Mr. M. T. Nightingale carried out the duties of accompanists. The stage management was in the capable hands of Mr. Frank Coomber.