From the Kent and Sussex Courier - Friday 2 April 1971


 - Angler discovers 333 sticks where children play

Over 330 sticks of gelignite were found abandoned on a rubbish tip at Monktons Arch - commonly used as a playground for Five Oak Green children - on Wednesday night. The tip is by a railway bridge and a major road. The Paddock Wood milkman who found the explosive was so concerned about the danger to children, that he guarded the unfenced tip until the police arrived. He was father-of-six Mr. David Hobbs of 53 Sychem Place, Five Oak Green.

Mr. Hobbs was looking for some wire to use as fishing tackle when he discovered the gelignite. Yesterday he said, "I could not believe my eyes at first - there was enough gelignite there to blow up the whole of Five Oak Green." Mr. Hobbs had dealt with explosives during his Army service and recognised the gelignite as the type used for quarry blasting. He picked up one of the sticks carefully and after examining it called the police.

His wife, Mrs. Colleen Hobbs, said: "I was wild when I heard that gelignite had been found there because all the children, including ours, play on the tip." A few months ago their son, Clive, found an American dummy shell on the tip. A bomb disposal unit removed the gelignite which consisted of 235 4oz sticks and 98 8oz sticks. The fire brigade washed down the tip and provided emergency lighting. Most of the explosive was found in water at the bottom of the tip.